Book of Memories- Create Elegant & Permanent Memorials for Families

Elevate your service. Offer more to your families. We make it easy.

An elegant permanent memorial for families and friends

Take your guestbook, condolences, and other tributes to the next level.

Take Book of Memories online content, combine it with signed guest pages from the service and bind it together, no tools or machinery required. You can even create multiple copies, thereby increasing your revenue stream. See how easy it is to put together here.

Visitors to a memorial tribute website can:
  • In house assembly
  • Quick and easy (no tools required)
  • Inspirational Quotes, Guest pages and Book of Memories content.
  • Edge to Edge photo pages.
  • Beautiful books stay on the coffee table (not in the closet)

Memorial Stationery Materials

As a funeral provider, you can provide elegant theme-based print items, such as service programs, memorial folders, or bookmarks. Any or all of these can enhance the funeral or memorial service, and allow you to send service guests home with a tangible remembrance item.

Matched Memorial Videos

In just minutes, funeral professionals can create the most stunning, moving memorial tributes to offer families. World-class video creation can also extend further into your community; you can offer stunning presentation tools to local groups and memorable event videos to families.

Memories Register Books

Create these beautiful new books in-house. Interiors come printed and ready to go, plus you have the option to print text and photo pages directly from the FrontRunner system. A physical Book of Memories is a reminder of the love of family and friends and the moments they have shared.

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Our solutions are top of the line. Give us a few minutes and we'll prove it.

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