Getting Started – Setting Up Your New Funeral Home Software

Getting Started

Getting started with your FrontRunner management software is quick and easy. A dedicated Success Coach works with you through the process of getting the new software set up and making sure you and your firm are comfortable using it. After gathering the necessary information from you, a Success Coach walks you through the system set-up with a one-on-one webinar, then assigns you some data-entry homework. Once completed, the next session is dedicated to walking you through how to use the system to enter a case, build a contract, utilize reporting tools etc. Once comfortable using the system, you're all set to “go live” with the new software, and of course, we’ll be there to make sure it just keeps getting better and better.


What we'll need from you:

  • A copy of your At-Need Contract
  • Any state, provincial or federal forms that you require

What we'll look after:

  • Developing any required state, provincial or federal forms
  • Building your At-Need Contract
  • Training you and your firm on using the system


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Hailed as the best new management solution on the market, our funeral home management software allows you to effectively manage one or more locations at a fraction of the cost of other systems without sacrificing functionality.

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