Funeral Management Software – Work From Anywhere. Multiple Users.

  • Single-Data Entry

    In funeral service, time is limited and mistakes aren't tolerated. With our funeral management software, you enter vital information once and our one-write-logic pushes it to where it's needed in the system. Our promise is simple: you’ll never have to enter the same information twice.

  • Multiple Users, One Fee

    Tired of a pay-per user or location fee to your funeral management provider? Our funeral management software makes it easy to manage one or more users or locations at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Multiple users, multiple locations? One fee.

  • Work from Anywhere, Anytime

    Our web-based funeral management software allows you and your team to work from anywhere and on any device. Changes within your funeral management software are instant and your data is secure and automatically backed up hourly.

  • One Click Forms Printing

    You’ve already entered the vital information in once, why waste time doing it again and again? FrontRunner's one-write logic automatically populates every type of form you need for daily operations with the data already entered. Printing forms has never been this easy.

  • Contract & Accounting Integration

    You’ve got a lot on your plate. There’s no need to add to your workload. Simply upload your GPL, generate contracts with families and push the details to your accounting software. You don’t need to be a certified accountant, you just have to use FrontRunner. It’s that simple.

  • Human Resources Manager

    Get the most out of your valued employees with our funeral Human Resources Manager. Track the hours they’ve put in, the time they’ve booked off and things they do well or could improve on. This system makes your performance reviews easy, comfortable and constructive.

  • Inventory Control Module

    Have a hard time knowing what’s stocked and what’s low in inventory? Now, you can use the FrontRunner funeral management software to tally the numbers, get notified when things are running low, and transfer inventory between locations.

  • Family Survey Engine

    Most funeral homes today are missing the key component of family follow up and gathering testimonials. You’ve put a lot of work into their service, and now you can let our family survey engine take care of the feedback and testimonials you need to better your business.

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