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What is Simpler Times?

Simpler Times is a network of reputable, independent funeral professionals across North America who are listening and responding to the evolving wishes of consumers who prefer simpler cremation over traditional funerals. Equipped with management software complemented by a family-focused website and with access to invaluable grief, marketing and planning resources, Simpler Times providers are able to effectively offer simple and cost-effective cremation services for their communities in conjunction with or as an ancillary to their traditional funeral home offerings. The Simpler Times cremation offering can dramatically expand your service radius to attract new client families and new revenues more than you ever thought possible.

The Simpler Times Website

A Simpler Times’ website creates an online presence that will beautifully and effectively represent your firm. It establishes trust, boosts online traffic, adds value to your business, and positions you as the leader with families choosing cremation in your community. A Simpler Times website also features exclusive educational and grief support content unavailable anywhere else and an online pre-planning tool for families to transmit their intentions directly to your firm for safekeeping.

A Simpler Times website also features exclusive educational and grief support content unavailable anywhere else and an online pre-planning tool for families to transmit their intentions directly to your firm for safekeeping. In addition, the site also includes:

  • Memorial Tribute Web Pages
  • Package/Quote Builder
  • E-commerce/Product Catalog
  • Staff & Business Directories
  • Online Flower Ordering
  • Associations and Social Media Widgets
  • Community Resources Links
  • Grief Resources
  • Revenue Generation

    When you become part of the Simpler Times provider network, your website works for you 24 /7, educating prospective clients about your services and the families you’ve served, while effortlessly generating a revenue stream. You can also earn revenue using your Memories Forever theme-based print and tribute video creator programs.

  • View & Purchase Products Online

    The family-friendly website included in the Simpler Times’ package incorporates an e-commerce portal. Families can easily browse the extensive selection of beautiful memorial and tribute items. Each product listing contains a detailed description and link to purchase. You are free to use the products and pricing that best suit your market.

  • Forms Printing Engine

    Create and print forms with a simple click of a button. Simpler Times uses one-write logic; enter the vital information once and the fields instantly populate the forms you need such as the Death Certificate and Cremation Authorization Form. Hit Print or Save and the form is ready to go!

  • Package & Quote Builder

    Internet-savvy consumers conduct thorough research before ever picking up a phone or stopping by to discuss your services. They want to know exact costs and have the ability to bottom line expenses in the comfort of their own home. The Simpler Times Quote Builder moves you outside the ‘package’ trend and allows prospective families to determine the costs associated with your services and merchandise based on what they want, not on what others tell them they need. They can submit it directly to your firm for further discussion or save and print as a reference during their decision-making process.

  • Memories Forever Tribute Pages & Personalization Suite

    Memories Forever helps families preserve their memories of loved ones with beautiful online tribute pages, the most user-friendly memorial websites available. Built directly into the Simpler Times website, the pages are interactive and social media enhanced. You will benefit from the built-in revenue generation features while families appreciate your caring attention in paying tribute to their loved ones’ memories. You can also use an on-demand print engine, DVD generator and stationery generator. High-definition EventCasting is also available for those families arranging a memorial service.

  • Grief Center

    Separate yourself from the ‘billboard’ providers. The Simpler Times Grief Center is a complete online aftercare solution. From inspirational and helpful writings to the Heartfelt Sympathies Store, it’s full of services to help your families through a difficult experience. Add the 365 Days of Grief or the 52 Weekly Tips on Helping a Friend Through Grief, and a directory of local community grief support groups, and your firm will be setting new standards in professional care in your community.

Integrated Marketing

Simpler Times’ exclusive Marketing Center includes promotional collateral essential for growing your cremation business. These pieces include color and black & white newspaper advertisements, full page print-outs for internal advertising, tri-fold brochures, and more. Each piece is expertly designed to capture the attention of your target audience and motivate them to reach out to your firm.

Lead Generation

As a member of the Simpler Times network, you will benefit from being part of the Matrix, FrontRunner Professional’s strategic online marketing initiatives. is a consumer-focused website capturing the interests of families seeking less complicated and more affordable end-of-life care options and educating them on the importance of paying tribute to their loved ones. The site then leads online visitors to the exclusive directory listing—to the Simpler Times professional in their community who can help them: You! As well, online pre-arrangement forms allow your firm to build relationships with families who take steps to formalize their plans and send to you for future use.

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