Contract Generation & Accounting Integration

Contract Generation & Accounting Integration

Creating a contract has never been easier.

Automatically populate every type of form you need for daily operations. Once the information is entered into a record, the data is pushed to the fields within your forms without any additional steps to take. Printing forms has never been this easy. The software will take your General Price List and create an easy-to-use funeral service selector right before your eyes. This simple and graphically rich selection process can be done right in front of your families, and even includes customizable features for many products.

Key features of this process include:

  • Build FTC-approved contracts with a few clicks of a mouse by ticking off the products and services you want, or create pre-built packages to expedite the process
  • Convert your GPL into a contract for your family and divide it among family members equally
  • Add cash advances and edit them on the fly

  • Utilize our family share process to create separate contracts with any products of your choosing, offering unbeatable adaptability for your families
  • Edit as much or as little as you want — our contract system is that flexible
  • As if all of that wasn't enough, when you're done building your contracts you can automatically export them to QuickBooks® to complete the process.

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