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You can try manually accessing the configuration page by filling out the form below:

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Try the Automatic Link First!

All of our e-mail apps come with a link at the bottom of the message which allows you to configure your experience and/or unsubscribe from the app. If you are receiving e-mails from one of our apps, you may want to just click on this link rather than unsubscribing manually.

Sign in Manually to Configure / Unsubscribe

If you would like to unsubscribe manually, please fill out the form above. Please note that in addition to your e-mail address, you will need two pieces of information to unsubscribe: your EmailID, and the ClientID. This information should be listed at the top of each e-mail that you received in plain text. Please note that this information will not appear if you are receiving HTML mail — please click on the configure link.

Why can't I Read my E-mail?

Our e-mail applications expect our clients to have HTML-mail enabled mail systems. If you don't have an HTML-mail enabled system, you will see a mish-mash of text and HTML code rather than a beautifully formatted page. At this time we don't support non-HTML mail clients.