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Website Testimonials (Attributed)

I can say moving to Frontrunner Professional to take care of our website has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since day one of creating our website the service and product has been better than I could have ever expected. First, the support has been out of this world. Any time I needed assistance or support I have got an immediate response. Second, The features and applications are amazing. I have got endless compliments from families about the website and what it can do. Just having families coming to us about it made it worth every penny. Third, the revenue it has made our funeral home has been great. Sitting back and letting the web do the work was an added bonus. I never expected the website to generate the type of revenue it has by flowers and candles. Fourth is the constant upgrading and new features that are available. I can see that Frontrunner is constantly thinking of new ideas. Lastly is just the great people over at Frontrunner. Always, nice to have a friendly voice on the other end of a phone call. Keep up the great work Frontrunner!!!!Nicholas Vander Plaat, Vanderplaat Funeral Home
Your web technology has made us more profitable! Within our first month we were able to track an increase in both general interest and sales directly back to our web presence. The online condolences module impresses both the families we serve and the public visiting our website.Corey Gaffney, General Manager, Tacoma Mausoleum & Mortuary
After having met with you and seeing what was available through FrontRunner Professional I decided to make the switch and have no reservations about having done so. My previous website pales in comparison to what I now have.Robert L. Snyder, F.D. Robert L. Snyder Funeral Home
I also wanted to let you know I love the new web site. I have had numerous compliments from clients as well as people who come to the funeral home for visitation or on other occasions. Have a great day!!Anthony Skeen, Skeen Funeral Home
I am in charge of the Glenville Funeral Home website which is a product of FrontRunner. We have received great feedback from the visitors of our website and it is a great addition to our funeral home. Our new website has made a significant impact to the visitors it serves. We have been told from visitors that our website is not only appealing but it is very helpful. Being able to view information regarding service hours and locations makes it easier than having to make a phone call. Writing condolence messages and posting photos also gives our website a special touch compared to other websites that don't have a Frontrunner program.Taylor DeMarco, Glenville Funeral Home
Creating a website that I could be proud of, that allowed me to pay homage to the three generations of funeral directors in my family that came before me, and, at the same time, giving the families who I serve a beautiful place to memorialize their loved ones while giving website visitors easy access to information they need in a professional format, seemed like an impossible task! But with your FrontRunner Professional Team on the job, everything that I had hoped for in a website became a reality... and then some! The website is barely a month old now, and I can't tell you how many compliments I've already received about how beautiful it is. One particular lady shared with me her appreciation for her Mother's beautiful book of memories by telling me that she feels the same connection when she visits her Mother's site, as she had previously only felt when visiting the cemetery. She went on to say that being able to feel that connection right in her home at the click of a mouse, has made dealing with the loss of her Mother much easier to bear and she finds herself visiting the website daily.Dave Zabinski, Pres. Kolano Funeral Home
Our firm has been extremely pleased with our website which has been provided through FrontRunner. We are always getting compliments from the families we serve as well as the many people from our community that visit our website on a regular basis. They often send comments that the website is easy to use, extremely helpful and informative.Kirsten L. Monk, Gordon A. Monk Funeral Home
Just a quick note to say thank you. Cremation page looks great have not read Jewish page yet because of a call. The person who called me about their cousin passing had called another funeral home here in town, when things were not going well he [a client] went to Google and we were the first name that came up! Needless to say we got the funeral so THANK YOU BOTHBill Boglioli, Woolley-Boglioli Funeral Home
We are very pleased to share our experience with Frontrunner Professional. The Success of our website designed and hosted by Frontrunner has been astounding. It is undoubtedly the single best marketing strategy we have utilized since acquiring the funeral home. The feedback from the families we serve and those using the site has been phenomenalChris Chappelle, J.J. Patterson & Sons Funeral Residence
Our new web site from Frontrunner is all I could have wanted. There are so many dynamics that you can use and add on. The ability to offer flower and sympathy gifts is excellent and the commission is beneficial. The support staff is incredible, their patience and willingness to help is comforting. I would recommend the Frontrunner team everyday!Bill Boglioli, Woolley-Boglioli Funeral Home
I have more and more positive comments about our website all the time. We've got lots of good feedback from itStephen Watkins, Watkins & Sons Funeral Service
The website design is fantastic, I have had 2 websites in the past and neither of them was as well designed nor received such rave reviews from my client families. Coming from a generation where computers were not part of my education, I remember how frightened I was when it came to putting information on the website. You, the professionals at FrontRunner gently guided me, building my confidence in myself, as well as giving me the tools to accomplish my goal. Your help did not end when you published my website; you are always there to assist me in anything that may come up.Josephine M. Dimiceli, Dimiceli & Sons, Inc.
I know myself could not be happier with the website, you guys have far exceeded my expectations of a website and what it can do. We have gotten so many compliments on it. When we do have a problem you are always there quickly and efficiently to fix it and couldn't thank you enough for that, as you could imagine how fast and easily families can get upset. Thank you again for all that you do... Thank you.Billy Flooks, Beecher-Flooks Funeral Home
I recommend it all the time. It's state of the art, families tell me that they really enjoy it. The website is simple, it's functional, so I have no trouble recommending it at all.Robin Reichmuth, Reichmuth Funeral Homes
After doing intensive research I moved to Frontrunner. Since I have been with them, the site has gone through a few major re-vamping. Until lately we actually had 2 sites, 1 in English and 1 French as our client families are mainly French speaking. Frontrunner has been diligent and open to our needs especially for the French site as it we had to get everything translated and properly done to reflect the English site. It was very time consuming for their part as much as ours to finally have full French site to satisfy the needs of our families. Never did they say that it was too much for them as they knew that it was something that our firm needed. Everyone that worked on this with us was most helpful and always available to assist us with our many changes.Jules Joly, President, Salon Funéraire Guenette Funeral Home
I just wanted to forward this comment from a visitor on our website to you so that you could see what a great job you and everyone at Frontrunner is doing! Thanks for building such a great website!Dave Zabinski, Kolano Funeral Home
FYI I have people commenting on our web site all the time and it's all positive. I appreciate the good work all you and your co workers do to assure we have the best web site in the industry. Thanks and have a great week!!!Anthony Skeen, Skeen Funeral Home

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