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Website Testimonials from Families (Attributed)

Your online site is among the most professional I have ever seen...and I have seen a lot of them. May I say I'm not surprised? After all the name Boglioli itself carries with it a very high standard of excellence. This site brings honor to that name. Well done.Rev Robert Pagliari
To me Online Guest Book is the best thing that anybody could of thought of. Great idea.Reo and Ilia Roy
Thank you for the opportunity to express my sympathy in this manner. Due to my schedule, I am not able to be present with them on Monday. I simply wanted them to know that I am aware of their loss and will contact them in the near future.Father Rick Janisse
I would just like to say that this is a great item to have so that people can send their thoughts quickly when they are needed the most. Thanks for providing us the opportunity to send our messages.Carol Alford
I wanted to thank you for having provided this medium to convey our sympathy to the Richard family. Unfortunately we cannot get to Cornwall for the wake or funeral, however at least we were able to convey our wishes. Thanks.Michael and Dorothy McAlear
Thank you for this privilege of sending our condolences by e-mail when we have just learned that a special person has died and we were not aware of it. It makes it so nice that we can go on line and remedy the situation of not being there.Muriel Simpson
I think this is a good idea because it's a lot easier to do something like this in your own time than to do it in front of a lot of people. I myself did go to the wake but this made me feel a lot better because I could say what I wanted to say. Thank YouDouglas Reece
Thank you for providing this very thoughtful service which enables those from near and far to share their thoughts at a most difficult time.Jacqueline Taylor
What a wonderful way to pay respect to a special person. Weather conditions, or other commitments this day and age sometimes do not allow people to attend personally. At least the family knows of our feelings of regret.Diane Miller
This is the most impressive thing I have seen on the internet in a very long time. We were very upset not to be able to attend the services and this certainly helps in our time of sorrow to be able to give this message to very good friends. Keep up this wonderful thing you are doing.Rick & Darlene Masse
This is the best thing I have seen. It really gives people away to express themselves to a Family.Jody Hutton
This is the first time I have heard of this service and I think it is a great thing. I heard late about the death and cannot change my appointments to attend. This is a great way to feel that I have done something.Glynne Howland
This is a wonderful service. Thank you for providing it for the families you serve.Carmen Lewis
What a great service this is!! Thank you for providing it.Chaka & Robert Varley
I was pleasantly surprised to see that this service is offered. It is comforting to know that those who are unable to attend the funeral, can express condolences this way.Dona Williams
I think this is a great idea!!! While I am local and was able to attend the funeral home, I know there are people who can't and this is awesome.Krys Hamilton
I think this service you offer is a very good idea. Until just now I had no idea this was offered. Keep up the good work, and continue thinking of your clients.Brett, Terry, and Arielle
This is a wonderful service you are providing. Wish all funeral homes would do the same. It is so nice when folks live far away to be able to send condolences this way. Thanks!Diane Hayman
A great innovation. Thank you.Alan E. Richards
I think that it is nice that this service is available. Especially for the children of the deceased.Bernadette Felicetti-Cosgrove
Thank you for providing this has helped us to feel a contribution to my Aunts passing...distance is relative and this brought us closer to the feeling of her passing...thanksCarrie and Bruce Dawson
This is a wonderful idea. Just received a phone call from England in the wee hours this morning about a relative passing. If this was something available to us it would be of a great help and give us a feeling of doing something more for the family, since we are so far away...cite>Della and Michael Cuttler
This is an exceptional service you provide, tksMark McLean
This is the first time that I knew anything like this existed. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much.Rocky & Kathy Crawford
Excellent idea! Very well laid out and easy to follow. ThanksAndy & Debbie Loscher
I think this is a very nice service especially for those who cannot possibly attend the service. ps. I am a funeral directors daughter mother sister and aunt!!!Joan & Jay
This is a fantastic service you are offering to the friends of the families that are mourning a loved one. Thank you.Judy & Bill Milne
Thank you so much for this wonderful service. Our hometown is in Ontario and we live in Alberta. This makes us feel so much closer to home. Thanks again.Marion and John Desjardins
I think that this is a wonderful way to allow relatives and friends to convey their thoughts and feelings... especially when they live far away or cannot attend the services.Mary Chabot (nee Eves)
What a wonderful service! We were unable to attend the visitation and this was the perfect way to reach all of the family members. Thank you for offering it.Rick & Deanna Lowe
This is the first time I have heard or used this type of service. It has been a great service for us as we was unable to attend the service. Thanks.Ms. Victoria Scott & Mr. Luke de Vries
Absolutely a great service to offer as many people may not have time to get a card off and especially know where the funeral is in another province.Beverley St. Louis
I was so pleased to find out that I could offer my condolences via the internet. Unfortunately, I will be out of town tomorrow and will not be able to attend the viewing nor the memorial service. This is a great way for the family to read that others who couldn't be there cared. Thank you for that opportunity.Suzanne Thomas
The service that you are offering, I believe is very good. We, as friends & living in the city will be visiting your funeral home at this time; however it is especially good for "out-of-town" persons, not only for this occasion; but for the other information & services that you offer; the ones that many persons "don't often ask about".. Thank you.Donna & Gordon Wilson
Thank-you so much for creating this web page, I live in Ignace & it is very helpful to me, when I can't attend services. This is a very caring & thoughtful way of letting family know you are thinking about them.Elaine Stefanick
I think this is a wonderful way for people to express their feelings/condolences that cannot make the funeral or pay their respects in person. I'd like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.Carol Stanley
I lived all of my life in Windsor. I now live one hundred miles away. I check the obituaries in the Windsor Star most every day. It would have been impossible for me to attend services for the parent of a childhood friend. I am grateful to have been afforded an opportunity to express my condolences through this medium. For this I thank you very much.Len Steel
I went to my mother's book of memories yesterday to light a candle for a year. I want to do this every year in remembrance of her and to also help support the Book of Memories. The Book of Memories is a wonderful idea and a beautiful tribute to our loved ones. Thanks very much.Hal
Thank you so much for the information about the memorial candle. I am extremely happy to know that I can continue to visit the Book of Memories whenever I want to. It really means a lot to me. It's just wonderful. Thank you. I will be lighting another candle very soon. Thank you again.De Havel
I so often go to your website and put my mom or dad on the screen just so I can see them. It means so much to me that I can do this. I really cannot express in words to you how much this means to me. Tons and tons of thanks are really not even enough. Yet I thank youJay-Jay
This is a terrific service that you provide. Thank-you so much.Scott Sauder Family
I think this is a fantastic way to share condolences. Many people have a hard time going to funeral homes for many different reasons and this provides a way to offer condolences. Also, if the visitation/funeral times cannot be attended by people, it gives opportunity to easily send condolences, donations, and flowers. Thank you for providing this service.Terri & Tim DeBernardi
I feel this is a great service for people who are at a distance and can't be there. Too bad a lot of other people don't see what Funeral Directors provide other than just burying or cremating their loved ones. Thank you.K.F. McNally retired FD.
I think this is a wonderful program to help inform us of the details. We are from out of town. Thank you.Debbie Bauer
This is a very tasteful site, no changes needed.Nanci Moyer
Fabulous idea! I've lost touch with a friend and felt uncomfortable turning up at the funeral home so this was a wonderful opportunity to pass on my best wishes and hopefully rekindle a friendship. Thank you for that.Joanne Bulanda Keenan
This is the best idea I've seen in a very long time. It's great to see a company that is so desperately needed, keep up with the times. Your staff is very courteous also. Keep up the great work.Sean Sharpe
This is my first knowledge of such a service and I would like to congratulate you on offering this option. It is a wonderful way to let the families know that we care. Thank You so Very Much!Mrs. Debra Wade P.A. Pastoral Care
I truly feel that when you are unable to attend the funeral you are still able to give condolences online to the family. I greatly appreciate this service you provide.Diane and Latasha Schaller
I love this website! It is a great way for people who are far away to have a way to connect with the family. Thanks for the great idea!Cheryl Rothman
I commend you for this service available. Without this service I would not have been able to wish my old friend well. Thank-you again.Dollena Blaschek
I feel that you have created a very worthwhile service to help the public easily and quickly send condolences. Thank you.Suzanne Gilmore
Awesome service, Thank you very much.John R. Burkholder
Glad to be able to respond to friends from Florida. Very good idea.Angela Shepley
Thank you for offering this service. Living hundreds of miles from our loved ones its always difficult especially in times of sadness and this service helps to bring us closer together. Thank you.Beverley Croft-Miller (Gagnon)
This is a very thoughtful service you have provided for the families.Ruth Benson
I think this is a wonderful way to express sympathy when we are not able to in person. I wish the funeral home I used when my husband passed away, had this service.Kaye (Ross) Jenkins
Nothing but good things to say about your guest book and web site. It is the best thing for people to be a part of this sad time with a family when you cannot attend.Gloria Talbot (Matte)
This is the first time that I have heard of "Online condolences" and "Guest Books" and I think it is simply wonderful. Thank you so much for this opportunity as we are not able to be with Mr. Winter's family at this sad time.Mary & Chuck Fuller
Wonderful Service!!!!John C. Bernard
I think this is a wonderful addition to the superb services you already offer.Nancy Town
Thank you for the opportunity to send our message from New Zealand.Higgins (Topp)
I'm very pleased to see this straightforward, dignified and helpful website online in Thunder Bay. My compliments on establishing it.Judy Petch
I think that this is a great idea, especially for persons who may not feel close enough or are not able to come in person. I hope this catches on.Marie Jazvac
Funeral Homes that do not offer this type of straightforward conveniences to their clients and their friends should be ashamed of themselves. Congratulations on a superb job. Keep up the leadership!Marion Bosley
I would like to thank you for this on line condolence service. This is the nicest thing for people who cannot attend or wish to express their feelings.. I am deeply appreciative. Thank you.Richard and Doreen Cuttriss and family
I think this is a wonderful idea. It's very difficult at times to attend a funeral or viewing taking in consideration of how people are feeling. Especially if you have not seen them in years.Mara L. Bray (Gonschior)
These online condolences are the BEST thing going. A lot of people from overseas and out-of-town signed for my Mom. We were very pleased with the service we received. Thanks again!Heather Dubois
This is a wonderful thing to have a chance to send your condolences on line, you have set it up so easy and quick, thank you for this.The Pope's
Thank you very much for the opportunity to send a message. I didn't know such a thing was available and I am grateful.Cindy, Paul, Michelle and Danielle Bois
I think it's wonderful to offer this to those people (especially working people) who, although they would like to, may be unable to make it to visitations. This venue gives us a chance to send our condolences in a respectful way. Thank you!Maureen Warner
I was amazed to see the link printed at the bottom of the death notice in our local paper. To be able to reach out from a distance and let all the family know you are thinking of them, is wonderful. Thank you for providing this service.Toni (Medlock) Armstrong
I just want to say that as an out-of-town friend, your web-site service has been an incredible amount of help in obtaining information on funeral arrangements. Thank YouTom & Karen Neilson & Family
I believe this to be a very helpful part of dealing with the death of any loved one, and I want to commend your facility for offering it to the community. My family has used your services for many years and I thank-you for being so considerate and compassionate to everyone concerned. This is the first time that I have used this service and feel truly grateful for doing so. Thank-you again.Julia McGuire
Thank you for providing this service. I live in Elliot Lake Ontario and will not be able to make it to the funeral. This service has given me the opportunity to participate in the service.Lynne Stilges
I think that this is a wonderful site that you have here. For those of us who are unable to be there, it provides us with a place to send our condolences to the family, and allows us to view all arrangements easily. I live in London, Ontario, and would love to see this here. Thank you for allowing me to send my condolences via your site.Katie Rice
We think this is an incredible service — not everyone can attend the funeral or funeral home and this is a way of being there for the family.The Pilch Family
I sincerely believe this is a very important service for those who cannot attend. Thank you so much for this very vital service.Edna Meyers
I am very glad that you offer this service to the public. Sometimes going to the funeral home is not the best place when you do not know the "Late" person but, you are a friend of other family members. Thanks Again, for this great service.Val & Bernie
I live in N.B. and was raised in Merritton, so, the on-line standard is great, and this on-line guest book is even better. I think it's truly an incredible idea. Thank-you for allowing me to send my condolences to the family I know that are far away.Tom & Cindy Daigle (Guay)
This is a wonderful way to express what you are feeling and a wonderful way for the family to see what their family member has meant to them. Many times at the funeral home words are said but because of the circumstances and the numbness of the experience words are not remembered. Thank you for the opportunity to express what my heart feels for this family.Brenda Gale
I think this service is SUPER!!!! thank you for the opportunity to send condolences. I know snail mail is "supposedly" more personal but in my own situation I don't have the emotional energy, this media makes it possible, to show we think of those that have passed and for their grieving families.Karen
The personal touch that your funeral home offers people is greatly appreciated, the work I do is often with memorials and the fact that you folks bring them to us and not expect the family to is appreciated by the family and us as well. Thanks and continue to do the great work you do.Gibbons family
Thanks for this great idea to express ones sympathy. We hope that this type of technology is soon introduced all across Canada.Sandy and Mary Lays
Sending accolades for your web site. Find it very easy to navigate. I wish to express our appreciation for your approach and the consideration you show for all those in need your services. Your professionalism and caring are very helpful during such a stressful event as planning for a funeral.Janet & Frank Vaglica

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